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Save Water Texas celebrates Texas Heritage Earth Day

The Save Water Texas team of historical edutainers took center stage at an exciting community event, The Texas Heritage Earth Day, held at the CCEMS Education Center in Spring, Texas on April 21, 2018.

The event was co-sponsored by Harris County MUD 24 and the North Harris County Regional Water Authority.

Visitors were invited back to the mid-1800’s to learn how the history of the Lone Star State was inextricably tied to access to water…it determined where people lived…or died.

The education programs created by Save Water Texas follow the theme, “Learning from our past to influence our future,” and teach water conservation through Texas history.

Texas Heritage Earth Day


“The Texas Heritage celebration was great! My grandkids (5 & 10) really enjoyed this, it was fun and educational. All of the exhibit representatives were very good with kids, I was so impressed. Perhaps most important feedback to you all is that there was an eye opening for all of us on of the amounts of water used, how important it is, the necessity for conservation, and protecting the ground run-off. The kids paid attention to the % / gallons contests.”

Gina Garrett

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Struggling to find answers to this, Maybe you know?

I'm a young Science Teacher trying to determine what the healthiest option for drinking water is in my area. Maybe you guys can help me and lead me in the right direction.

I live in Southern California for reference.

  1. Does U.S. tap water contain significant amounts of Sodium Floride?
  2. Is it safe to store water in HDPE(High Density Polyethylene) containers and are they all BPA free by default?
  3. Can anyone recommend a source for drinking water in my area?
  4. What flask/pitcher/large water bottles would you guys recommend?
  5. What is the safest method to clean re-usable water bottles/containers?

Obviously i'm worried about microplastics leeching and tainting my water, but I also understand that all of our sources may all be contaminated from our hyper-industrialization and tremendous amount of plastic waste.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I appreciate whatever information you have to offer.

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So confused about all these water things


I recently moved to Chapin, SC from Duluth, GA and I don't know what to do about my water supply. Rightn now, I rely on bottled water: aquafina or dasani. However, I heard a lot of bad things about bottled waters. Should I purchase a water filtration pitcher like the brita pitchers? Is tap water filtered through filtration pitchers better quality than bottled water?

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