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Resources for water rights information in Colorado?

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Hi all,

First off, my apologies if I've come to the wrong place.

I am looking to help a friend out with some solutions to drainage issues at her organization's property. She had some old documents for me to look at, but nothing specific about water rights – the most that is displayed is "3 shares of X ditch, stock well, plus a live spring to build a pond."

SO, what I'm wondering about is 1) where I might be able to find a clearinghouse for documentation of the actual rights 2) what their property might be entitled to in regard to building a pond, and 3) some general information about what is and is not allowed in regard to detaining water on site, redirecting rainwater on site, etc.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Valbona Malo Elected to Watercoolers Council

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