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GVK & Christy Funk Explore Radical Self Love

GVK & Christy Funk Explore Radical Self Love

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“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” ~ C.G. Jung

Coming across Christy Funk, of Radical Self Love /Women Who Want More, was a gift.

The power of her work made me stop and wonder about my own self work. Because, even though I practice self-love, I wondered if I was practicing it in a radical way. In other words… was I really honoring myself? 

Listen to my conversation with Christy about radical self love in this GVK radio show episode… then read on for more.

In my late 20’s, I started to address the brutality of my teen life. I was in a very destructive relationship and this man made me feel so worthless. Yet, I stayed. When my father told me that this man did not deserve me, I woke up. My dad and I weren’t super close at that time, and in fact I was still carrying the wounds of his disapproval in my heart. So, for him to bring in my worth, I knew it was time to shift.

I went into therapy because I had very little coping skills and what I did have was destructive. One of the first “assignments” my therapist gave me was to look in the mirror and say “I Love You.” Holy shit, I could not do it. Could not. I was so uncomfortable. Slowly I was able to say it, and relearn to love myself. I started to see my part in the dysfunction of my life and I began to change it.love yourself meme

Self-love for me is about setting clear boundaries for how I will allow people to behave toward me. It’s about having emotionally healthy and supportive people in my inner circle. It’s about speaking my truth in the most positive way that I can find. I rest when I need rest, say no when need be, eat well and stay physically fit. Most of all, it’s about loving myself where I am today.

Christy has now developed her radical self-love work into Women Who Want More. She has taken her work deeper still, which has expanded it. I am certainly a woman who wants more.

I want prosperity, abundance, peace and love to be the dominant vibrations that guide our humanity. I believe this to be a possible dream. I know that it starts with me. I know that I put out what I have on the inside and radical self-love is the fastest way to achieve that dream.

And so, the answer is yes, I honor myself and I practice radical self-love, but, I am always ready and willing to go deeper.



Listen to this Inspired Green Divas radio show segment with Christy Funk talking about radical self-care.

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