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For some top nonprofits, changing the world begins in Seattle

Inside the factory buildings at Cascade Designs, just south of downtown Seattle, camping and hiking gear for the rugged outdoor life of the Pacific Northwest has been manufactured since the early 1970s. But turn a corner and something new is coming off the shop floor: a compact, no-frills water purifier designed to bring clean water to struggling populations in rural Africa.

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NSF International Presents Key Issues Facing Canada’s Food Industry Based on a Nationwide Survey

GUELPH, Ontario – NSF International, a global public health and safety organization with over 70 years of expertise in water, food safety and quality, will present the findings of a national survey of more than 10,000 food experts from industry, academia and the regulatory arena. Respondents were asked about key… Read More
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Scared my tap has lead, how to have it tested?

My house was built in 1918 and I'm afraid there's lead in the tap. I'm unemployed and suffer from severe abdominal pain (2years) and just realized there might be a correlation. I have no money but I want to have it tested to find out if it could be the cause. Can someone tell me how to do this in simple terms? I live in WA state. Thank you.

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