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Interpreting the Nunavut Water Act, determining what MAY means in this context

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I am trying to interpret the Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal Act and I am getting different interpretation of one section.

The section says, "12. (1) Subject to subsection (2) and except in accordance with a licence, no person sall deposit or permit the deposit of waste (a) in waters in Nunavut; or (b) in any other place in Nunavut under conditions in which the waste, or any other waste that results from the deposit of that waste, may enter waters in Nunauvt.

The important sentence is… 'waste MAY enter waters'.

But everything MAY enter waters… what is a reasonable interpretation of MAY enter waters?

I believe it is unreasonable to assume that everything MAY enter waters; because if one does, then everything would require a licence. Am I wrong?

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The Tiny House That Rob Built

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The Tiny House That Rob Built

Rob Greenfield next to his off grid tiny house

Written by Green Dude Rob Greenfield

It was great to talk to Green Diva Meg about my seriously tiny house in this GD Green Dude radio show episode. Tune in, then continue on for some video…

This teeny greeny is the place for me!

I live here in this off grid tiny house without a bill or debt to my name and life is splendid. I grow food, live on rainwater, compost, harness the energy of the sun with solar panels, practice a near zero waste life, and ride my bamboo bike around town.

Check out the videos below. The second video answers questions like: where do I shower? what about city code? who’s land am I on? and do I pay rent?

I’ve made a lot of improvements over the last month. Every week the place is more beautiful and more self sustaining.

Enjoy these tiny house videos!


Catch this Green Divas at Home radio show episode… 

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Rob GreenfieldRob Greenfield is an American adventurer, environmental activist, and entrepreneur on a mission to entertain, educate, inspire, and give back to the world. He is teaching others about the issues associated with food, energy, water, waste, transportation, and health by displaying his style of living to the world. He is leading them towards a greater sense of happiness and freedom. Learn more at robgreenfield.tv.

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