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Does That Tuna You’re Eating Have a Dark Secret?

Does That Tuna You’re Eating Have a Dark Secret?

sustainable tuna? or dark secret

Written by Kate Melges, Greenpeace

Most cans of tuna on supermarket shelves hold dark secrets…

Exploited fishermen, dead sharks, and dying oceans.

Workers have reported being beaten, abused and forced to work on ships for months or years at a time. Fishing vessels use methods that wreak havoc on marine life. Tuna is even being stored in the same shipping containers as the dirty fuel the ships use.

One of the largest tuna brands in the U.S., Chicken of the Sea, is owned by the world’s largest canned tuna company — Thai Union Group.  The stark reality of the industry is clear, but Thai Union and Chicken of the Sea are looking the other way. Whatever the company wants to believe, we know from hard-hitting media exposés that Thai Union is seriously implicated in horrendous human rights and environmental abuses.

Listen to the GD myEARTH360 Report to learn about Greenpeace’s new campaign to create awareness about the problems with commercial tuna fishing and why you might want to consider carefully who caught that tunafish and how they caught it. Then read on for more.

The United States is the largest canned tuna market in the world, so consumers and ocean advocates here have a major role to play in making things better. Chicken of the Sea is one of the most destructive canned tuna brands in the United States for both our oceans and industry workers. The company doesn’t offer a single sustainable and ethical product. It’s time for Chicken of the Sea to step up as an industry leader to ensure its products meet the standards it claims to support.  

We need more than unsubstantiated PR statements; we need immediate change on the water.

Our oceans, seafood workers and consumers deserve better.

That’s why we put Thai Union and Chicken of the Sea on notice–demanding that they address issues in their supply chains. Chicken of the Sea and Thai Union can become the world’s leader in providing seafood that is sustainably and ethically sourced. Thai Union’s size, reach and purchasing power mean the company has both a huge responsibility and is uniquely positioned to drive much-needed change in global tuna fisheries.

Fortunately, there are better options for consumers. Earlier this year, Greenpeace released its first ever canned tuna shopping guide. As shoppers, we have the power to change the tuna industry for the better. By supporting sustainable and ethical tuna brands, we can be part of a solution that helps both our oceans and fishermen.

Greenpeace has already made progress with leading brands and retailers in major markets, including in the UK and Australia, getting them to clean up their tuna supply chains. Sadly, the biggest U.S. brands are lagging behind. Now we looking to change the world’s largest tuna corporation and its brands around the world.

Take action.

It’s going to take all of us. When we change Thai Union, we will move toward changing the entire tuna industry. Chicken of the Sea and Thai Union need to take immediate steps to clean up their supply chains. But for that to happen, the company’s management has to feel pressure from people all over the world — people like you.

Help us change the world’s largest tuna company and its number one brand. Tell Chicken of the Sea to make serious changes to its supply chain.

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