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Long term storing spring water

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I recently purchased an office water cooler. Tonight me and my roommate finally had the time to trek out to this spring in the middle of nowhere at 11 pm to fill up a 5 gallon jug. The water in our town has radium in it so we've been drinking bottled water since we moved here. Thousands and thousands of bottles. Not only does it create waste, but its also a nuisance. Our landlord does not do recycling so we have to take giant bags to our parents house on a weekly basis.

So I had this idea of getting 8-10 of these 5 gallon jugs and filling all of them at once so we dont have to trek out to the spring every week. Than I started thinking about how far I could go with this. We're moving out of an apartment and into a house so we'll have way more space this coming spring. What if I got enough bottles to fill my entire car and my roommates car? We're considering a 3rd roommate, what if we got enough to fill his car too? What if I got a 2nd vehicle, a mini van, and we filled that instead of my car, and both of my roommates car?

I started imagining what a wall with 50-60 5 gallon jugs of water would look like in a basement. The average person drinks 58 gallon of water a year, we tend to all drink alot of water and stay hydrated as much as possible, we also have guests over often, but this could easily be a trip we have to take less than once a year. I started thinking about all of the problems with water shortages that are predicted to happen and wondering if hoarding water is a practical idea.

Than I remembered an old girlfriend always used to say that stagnant water was no good.

Would this practice be safe or ethical? I'm thinking about keeping a reserve of 250-300 gallons of spring water in my basement.

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