Questions about a water test result that revealed Lead in home water supply

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I am in the process of buying a home and the recent water test result showed 9.5 ug/L of lead in the water. (well water) The pH was low, at 5.27. EPA standard is the result must be under 5 ug/L. But of course, no amount of lead is safe to drink.

The house was built in 1972, so I have been informed its likely that lead solder is being leeched from the copper pipes due to the low pH.

The seller insists the lead result must be wrong, due to the house having sat vacant for a few months, and is having the water test re-done. They insist that the water just needs to be run for awhile longer before the water test is re-done, and it will then apparently show no Lead issue.

Am I crazy in thinking the result is going to be the same? Or if not the same, will still show lead in the 2nd result? If the lead corrosion has already occurred, its not like its going to just go away?

I need to add that I have small children, so this has been a very concerning issue.

(Also posted in r/plumbing yesterday. Just looking for more information here as well.)

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