The Importance of Maintaining Your Green Tech

The Importance of Maintaining Your Green Tech

Green energy is great, and it’s taken us long enough. But finally we can have and use various methods for capturing energy both at home and at your business. However, with the advent of green technology also comes the sometimes tricky maintenance required to keep them working. Here you can find a quick reminder regarding the maintenance and cleaning of your more common green energy devices.


Solar Panels

One of the best earth saving inventions of recent times, solar energy has leapt forward in leaps and bounds the last few years, with panels of increasing efficiency being regularly installed at homes and businesses alike. You should not need to touch them for around six months, depending on where you live, but the buildup of dirt and grime is inevitable so simple cleaning and maintenance is required. Depending on how many you have, it can be prudent to use professional solar maintenance services to guarantee great working solar panels. You can usually just rinse them with water from the hose. Just make sure you do it when the sun is down, as if the panels are hot the cold water can cause them to crack. You can wash with with soap too to ensure the grime is really worked out, just make sure to rinse it off with water otherwise the film it leaves can reduce the solar energy absorbed.



Electric Car

Your electric car requires way less maintenance than a conventional petrol car, and also is satisfying in that it does not harm the environment like traditional cars do. No more will you need to change out the spark plugs or filters, but there are areas you do need to maintain on an electric car. Primarily, certain electric cars need coolant, so ensure it stays topped off, the windscreen fluid does to. The other main area is the battery. It needs to be maintained and can be far more costly than traditional batteries. Over time the battery will lose power, so make sure you charge it fully on each charge, don’t just charge it partially. Also, check your warranty, it should be fairly extensive and you can make use of it. Get it tested and if it has lost some power be sure to ask for a new one, otherwise it’ll cost you if your battery totally fails after the warranty has ended.



Wind Turbines

The use of small scale wind turbines at home and business can cut electricity bills and benefit the environment. Certain turbines can also store up excess energy to be used at a later date. The maintenance of wind turbines isn’t really too much of a problem. The rotor may need to be cleaned from time to time to keep it spinning. You will also need to replace key components after a certain amount of time. The turbine inverter will usually need replacing at some stage, as will the battery after the first seven years, give or take. Battery cost depends on the size of the turbine.


Source: Green Tech News

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