Green Car Technology Means Fuel Savings

Guest Post by Trisha Miller

Automobiles are constantly being upgraded with the latest tech, this is no secret. However, a few green car technologies have emerged in the public eye as of late that could make a huge impact on lowering things like emissions and gas consumption. There have also been huge advances in already existing car technologies. Let’s explore a couple possibilities in the future of vehicular travel.


Self Driving Cars

Self driving cars could be commonplace within the next 5 years or so .These cars will allow passengers to input the destination and installed computer on board will know the most effective route. It is likely that these cars will be used to carpool eventually so there aren’t as many single cars on the road causing unnecessary traffic and emissions. It is also probable that automated cars will also be electric to save companies on gas expenses. Without a driver, cars would also not need to waste as much product into the car itself. The entire design of a car has the possibility to be reinvented in order to use only the structural resources that are necessary.

Companies like Tesla, Uber, and Google are pouring money into the future of driving. The Uber company has commented with their stance on automated cars, “As a global leader in urban transportation, we have the unique opportunity to invest in leading edge technologies to enable the safe and efficient movement of people and things at giant scale.”

According to The New York Times eco-friendliness is not the only reason to pursue self-driving cars, they also have economy friendliness in mind. States across the US are hoping to recruit carmakers that will invest in automated vehicles. This produces an opportunity to open up more jobs and provide and an additional annual tax revenue. As such, states like Florida and California have passed laws regarding the ease of testing these cars on fake cities. However, years of still testing lay ahead before automated cars take over transporting people and our goods across the country.


GPS Fleet Tracking

Business owners now can now track the status on all company cars. Some businesses are installing GPS tracking devices inside their employees vehicles in order to keep track of delivery times and transport efficiency. The truly amazing part is that it doesn’t even come close to ending there. These advanced GPS devices can also navigate the driver through the most efficient routes, monitor the speed of the vehicle, how many stops the car makes, when the car last had a tune up, and gas levels of the vehicle.

Companies are beginning to design “end-all-be-all” GPS technology that includes all of these features brought together into one system. One such company called GPS Trackit highlights ways that a company can save costs on fuel including reducing idling time, dispatching the closest drivers, and preventing speeding.

Employers will now hold the power of knowledge in right at their fingertips. Companies can now make quick changes in order to save large amounts of money on time and fuel wasters that were never able to be monitored in the past – all from the convenience of smartphones.


Taxi Selection Apps

Speaking of smartphones, some tech companies have created a system that now lets the passenger choose which car they want to ride in. An example of a company that uses this feature is Addison Lee based in the UK. This app allows a single person to go with a much smaller or electric car instead of a large one that may use more fuel or the reverse is also available of course, for those who have large parties.

Other companies, like Kabbee, compare companies and features so that the consumer can choose from a variety of cars to suit their own needs. This app even provides options such as cars available with child seats and compares all prices in the vicinity to encourage the user to choose the most economic cab service.

Smaller steps such as apps all the way to automated cars are all hugely headed in the right direction. With cars being a huge fuel and resource waster any technology that can diminish this footprint could be the next big thing in the automotive and eco world.

What types of eco-changes do you support in your daily commute?


About the Author

Trisha is a freelance writer from Boise, ID. She is a dedicated vegan and promotes an all-around healthy lifestyle. Green living is discussed on her blog and in her writing. These topics are important to her for the means creating a community that is aware of the need to save the environment, humans and animals, & money.


Source: Green Tech News

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